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The single MenC vaccine was in the routine UK immunisation schedule from until July This vaccine gives protection against. The Hib/MenC vaccine used in the UK boosts protection against against Hib disease, and protects against meningococcal disease caused by. The Hib/MenC vaccine is a single injection given to 1-year-old babies to boost their protection against Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) and meningitis C.

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Men C vaccination Who should have MenC vaccination. Page last reviewed: 13/07/ Reactions, Side effects of the MenC vaccine. Page last reviewed. MenC vaccine. Parent information leaflet. What is meningococcal C disease? Meningococcal C disease is a serious and sometimes fatal illness which can. The UK MenC vaccination programme has been a huge success. Before the MenC vaccine was introduced in there were over

HealthLinkBC File #23a provides information on Meningococcal C Conjugate ( Men-C) vaccine including what it protects against, who should get the Men-C. In , following studies that showed two doses of MenC vaccine provided good protection in the first year of life but protection waned during the second year. MenC (meningococcal group C) vaccine is recommended as part of the primary childhood immunisation programme. Immunity to meningococcal disease.

From 1 July , the number of doses of the Meningococcal C (MenC) vaccine in the infant schedule are being reduced. Tdap and MenC booster vaccines. Information for parents of children in First Year of second level school. Your child needs to be protected from infectious. Since , the MenC conjugate vaccine has been implemented in the Netherlands by offering a single dose to all children aged 14 months.

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The Hib/MenC vaccine was introduced in as a result of studies which showed that protection against Hib provided by the 5-in-1 vaccine given in the first. Meningococcal C conjugate (MenC) vaccine. made from capsular polysaccharide that has been extracted from cultures of group C Neisseria meningitidis. MenC disease. Although MenC is a serious illness caused by the C strains of meningococcal bacteria, the success of the MenC vaccination programme. The DoH has announced that it is to remove the infant dose of MenC currently given at three months of age from 1 July The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Government to reintroduce the MenC vaccine for babies aged twelve. This study shows that MenC vaccination coverage is insufficient, especially in year-old adolescents. In only one in two teenagers was vaccinated. Meningococcal C vaccine (Men-C-C) is usually given to babies and young children. It protects against type C of the meningococcus germ, which used to be very. Three protein-polysaccharide conjugate serogroup C meningococcal (MenC) vaccines were developed in the late 's and an accelerated programme of. V PHE Hib/MenC PGD amended to: • reflect the removal of monovalent MenC vaccination from the routine childhood programme from 1. NHS Scotland provides a number of vaccinations for people at different stages in Hib/MenC vaccine HPV vaccine for men who have sex with men (MSM).