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How to Do Winged Eyeliner with Pencil. Winged eyeliner is a fun, casual look you can wear at school, work, or for a night out. It's easy to draw. For cat eyes, it's best to use liquid, felt tip, or gel eyeliner for best results. If you use pencil eyeliner, you'll need to draw on several layers to make a cat eye, and . How To do Winged Eyeliner With Pencil Eyeliner is one of the basics of the art of makeup that defines the shape of your eyes and embellishes.

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The perfect cat eyeliner is ever fashionable, very flattering for most eye shapes and You can use any color pencil or gel eye liner to achieve this look. the width of your eye liner, to create a dramatic look make this line thick, or create a thin. Here's how to make winged liner work for your eye shape. Grab the eyeliner weapon of your choice — gel, cream, liquid or pencil — and check out these tips . So if you're interested in learning how to do a cat eye using pencil eyeliner, here's a little tutorial that will hopefully help you out!.

Learn how to create winged eyeliner perfectly using angled brush and Take a pencil eyeliner and draw an extended line on the outer edge of. To figure out how to do cat-eye makeup the easy way, we put the Internet's bangs covering an eye rimmed all the way around in kohl pencil?. Pencil eyeliner is easy to apply, but sometimes doesn't spread as . like you might want a little cat eye, use this two-step trick to make it easy.

Feb 3, Cool tips for beginners - how to do winged eyeliner! February Nicola Kate Makeup: Winged Eyeliner Pictorial - Accessories of Women. Eyeliner Tutorial for Beginners:Gentle Winged eyeliner with Eyeliner Pencil, Gel and how to apply eyeliner pencil Makeup Guide, Eye Makeup Tips, Makeup. Don't fret: it's super easy to apply flawless winged eyeliner to Lavonne used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Vice and Delinquent.

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Call me obsessed, but I take winged eyeliner very seriously. I also tried using a pencil eyeliner for practice, so it didn't turn out as great as I. Beauty How to Draw the Perfect Cat-Eye liner if you do it later). Using your eyeliner pencil measure where you want to place your wing. Never let your winged liner make you late for work again. enough for liquid eyeliner, line your eyes first with a pencil liner, and then trace over. Without a doubt, cat eyes are the hottest trend in eye makeup. Flaring Apply eyeliner pencil and use your fingers or a smudge brush to blend. Here you can. Mastering a cat eye is easier said than done. 5 Mistakes You're Making When Applying Liquid Eyeliner When I do manage to draw a decent (read: not weirdly diagonal) line, nine times out Does a gel liner pencil work?. We're diving into eyeliner styles through the ages, and it is absolutely mesmerizing. Re-create this vintage style with Make Up For Ever's Kohl Pencil in Black 1K ($18). Here's when we started getting into cat-eye territory. Pencil: matte and easy to apply, this is a great eyeliner for novices. If you fancy something more unusual, try a statement-worthy, upside down cat eye. We're truly envious of those who can apply the perfect winged eyeliner without messing up The pencil wing is soft and hazy but still has that cat-eye appeal. Eyeliner Stamp -2 Pens Double-sided Winged Eyeliner Pencil, LA PURE Waterproof Eyeliner Stamp - 2 Wingliner Black Make Up Pens, Vamp. Read on to learn more about eyeliner products, how to do winged Pencil eyeliner is the perfect choice for smooth, precise application for.