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Ted Williams (born September 22, ) is an American announcer, radio personality, . In a January segment for Today, Williams revealed that he now lives in an apartment and is steadily employed as a commercial voice-over artist for. Author, Motivational Speaker, Voice Over Actor, Over comer, Advocate for the Homeless. Contact Ted Williams Golden Voice on Messenger. Donald Gould - the former homeless piano man. It was 7 years ago today that we met Ted Williams. I remember when this story hit the news and all of us in the building were talking about this.

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Well, Ted went back to work this week at the very same gospel radio station where he began his radio career in the '80's. Williams, now 58, spent the last 25+ . The latest Tweets from Ted Williams (@twgoldenvoice). I enjoyed myself today speaking to all the wonderful people at the Caring Kitchen in Urbana OH, they. Ted Williams, the once homeless man with the golden voice, had trouble Williams appeared on the Today show in May to discuss the release of his.

'Man With The Golden Voice' Has People Stunned By Where He Is Today Ted Williams went from begging on the streets, to making six figures through his gift. For Ted Golden Voice Ted Williams, his discovery story was nearly life or death. But where exactly is the radio-ready sensation today?. Former panhandler Ted Williams, the homeless man with the from a Dispatch video nearly four years ago, but today he has little to show for it.

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Ted Williams is an American voice-over artist. Williams is now off the streets, sober, and continuing his work as a voice over artist with NECN in Boston. Homeless guy with golden voice, he's a media hype right now. He is awesome!. Ted Williams was homeless in the US when a recording of his golden voice went viral. January 16, • Ted Williams, whose striking baritone went viral in , is now co-hosting a daily radio show in Columbus, Ohio, The Columbus Dispatch. He Caught The Attention of Millions. The world was flabbergasted when in a video was recorded of a homeless man asking for money. By now, you've probably heard about the man in Ohio dubbed as the “homeless man with the golden voice.” Fifty-three-year-old Ted Williams. Few men try for best ever, and Ted Williams is one of those. There's a story about him I think of now. This is not about baseball but fishing. Baseball legend Ted Williams fights to become the greatest hitter of all time as he battles family, teammates, the press and even the fans. Watch trailers & learn. Today, though, when someone mentions the name “Ted Williams,” it isn't his phenomenal performance on the field that first comes to mind. Ted Williams, a formerly homeless man who rose to stardom for his deep Jennifer Calfas, USA TODAY Published p.m. ET June

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