How to matchmake in yandere simulator

Playing cupid is a non-lethal method to eliminate a rival in Yandere Simulator. Matchmaking was implemented in the September 22nd, Build. How to matchmake in Yandere Simulator. Author's Avatar.:hibiscus: MikuChan: hibiscus: 12/16/ *OMG! TY for the feature!* Hey guys! it's Miku Chan here!. Ok, I love the new matchmaking build But I noticed that a few people got that Kokona might just like Taro to make Yandere-chan mad:XD.

what does kokona want riku to look like

After a long, long wait, the Matchmaking elimination method is finally implemented! You can learn all about it here. Matchmaking. 1. Select Girly Pink panties. This step is not required, but these are the recommended panties for this method. 2. And I know what Yandere Dev thinks about suggestion, but I believe they are necessary to make the matchmaking method actually playable.

Got questions about Yandere Simulator? You should Will it be possible to matchmake any two characters with each other, or only pre-determined characters?. Miss Matchmaker Ai-chan, aka (Y/N) (L/N), has a reputation for matchmaking people at Akademi High School with a huge success rate. Students constantly. Yandere Simulator is an upcoming stealth action video game currently in development by from peaceful to violent, including matchmaking, befriending, betrayal, gossip, expulsion, frameup, kidnapping, electrocution, crushing, poisoning. you still love me even if Im a normal NPC/disappear/replace? Im wondering what my future will be? logo: I wish Pippi had a bigger role in Yandere Simulator. I mean, once matchmaking is implemented, we can matchmake her with Ryuto. Day 2: Hard elimination methods. Day 3: Matchmaking and editing the video. I absolutely loved making this video! Yandere Simulator is great in.

mp3 Yandere Simulator Matchmaking Kokona MB, 22 7 Kbps. Kokona. More info in the YnadereDev blog: /the-matchmaking-update/. Download Yandere Simulator: The Matchmaking. Yandere Simulator § [working title; it might change (with YandereDev to be added to the game would be Matchmaking, meaning that unless Dev picks a. Start studying Yandere Simulator Elimination Methods. a crush other than Senpai, so the player will be able to matchmake every single rival with a male suitor. If this is true, then would the other yandere be able to eliminate Ayano via matchmaking? Do you see where I'm going with this? What if the other yandere girl. Visit for general information about the game! Visit for development updates!. Yandere Simulator. Members. YandereDev (yanderedev) Betray Event · Matchmaking Suitor · Making Kokona's Elimination Methods Apply To Osana. je vous invite a aller voir la page officiel de yandere simulator refaite ^^ These locations will be important aspects of the Matchmaking elimination method!. Which person are you in Yanderedev's hit game, Yandere Simulator? This game is an I matchmake or find nonviolent ways to eliminate rivals; Poison. Do you. The available methods include matchmaking, befriending, betrayal, The Yandere Simulator demo is available to all software users as a free.