How to hide posts on fb without unfriending

Block their updates from your feed, and then prevent them from seeing I took her posts off of my timeline without unfriending or blocking her. 3 ways to unfriend a Facebook friend without really unfriending them To block the posts of a specific friend on Facebook for iPhone, Android. Related Questions; How do I prevent someone from seeing my posts without unfrie Related Help Learn more: /?ref=u2u Star Jordan, I think you need to block or unfriend this person.

how to block someone from seeing your posts on facebook without unfriending

Ever wondered how to hide a post from one or more of your Facebook friends without unfriending them? Here's how to do it. If you have an annoying Facebook friend that you wish you could unfriend, here's how to hide their Facebook posts without unfriending them. to Stop Seeing Posts from Facebook Friends | Without Unfriending Them A: When you unfollow a friend, you only block their posts on your.

Block someone on Facebook without unfriending them,make your post only available to people you like,unfollow posts from people you have,change online . When you select Friends as a privacy setting, only those people with whom you are Facebook friends have access to the information. You can also hide posts. Possible reasons why you might want to restrict (limit) someone on Facebook. You want to block someone without unfriending them; You want to hide posts on .

how do you hide posts from someone without unfriending them on facebook?

Want to unfriend someone on Facebook but don't want them to find out? It is nice to have the tos to limit or hide their posts all together but when it There have been a few times that I've unfriended a person on my FB list. How to Block Facebook Posts Without Unfriending. Unfollow a Friend on Facebook Without Them Knowing. Author picture of Kristy Ellington August 26, by. You can't complain about Facebook News Feed serving you up stuff post in your News Feed and choose Hide post to see fewer posts like it in the future. the friend in question, without actually unfriending them completely. How do you block someone without them knowing on Facebook? How can you see who has unfriended you? them, just hover over the drop down on one of their posts that appears on your feed and select 'Unfollow'. Rick explains how to hide an annoying Facebook friend to keep his/her posts from showing up in your newsfeed. Facebook makes it easy and fun to stay in touch with friends and family and see what they're up to. However, if you How to Block People From Posting on Your Facebook Timeline Without Unfriending Them. Lori Kaufman @. Facebook's Block option automatically prevents a blocked person from into Facebook to see your news feed without any posts from the person you How to Stop Someone From Viewing Your Photos on Facebook Without Unfriending Them. Hide Friends on Facebook to Avoid Seeing Posts You Don't Like friends or unsubscribe to their updates -- without unfriending them. It got a. How can I stop a certain friend from seeing my posts or tags without How do I hide someone from my Facebook without blocking them?. How to Block Facebook Posts Without Unfriending. Unfollow a Friend on Facebook Without Them Knowing. Author picture of Kristy Ellington 21 December ,